@FakeElsevier is a Twitter account that emits satirical tweets about Elsevier, a Dutch publishing giant that is currently doing a lot of harm to the academic community. You can check it out here. This blog exists for the purpose of communicating non-satirical content. If you came here looking for a laugh, head back to Twitter. You’ll be much happier.

If you’d like to learn more about how f’ed scientific publishing has gotten, check out these links:


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Michael DeAbreu says:

    “Maybe there are some out there who {{are}} really believe that publishing has no costs associated with it,…”

    The {{are}} should be deleted. One reason to have an editor 🙂

    • fakeelsevier says:

      Thanks for catching the typo. As for having an editor edit the work, this is the internet; you just did it. Having lots of eyes on something is surprisingly effective for this sort of thing.

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